This is a list of those who have expressed support for John C. Wohlrabe as the next President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Click Here to send an email and add your name to the list.   Please clearly indicate your name.

If you would like to leave some brief words of support, please do that in the comments of the introductory post.


The “United List”

Rev. Michael L. Kumm, Dupo, IL

Pastor Paul A. Bartz

Bradley W. Ketcham, Pastor, Audubon, Iowa

Paul L. Beisel, Warsaw, IL

Craig Johansen

Rev. Charles Henrickson,  St. Louis, Missouri

John E. Gerard, New Braunfels, TX

Rev. Howard W. Mueller, em., Davenport, IA

Wilmer W. Wagner

Vincent and Deanna Oltman, Pekin, IL

Pastor A. J. Wollenburg, Sikeston, MO

Rev. Richard A. Bolland, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Ronald Roland

Walter R. Wagner, Simpsonville, SC

Rev. Andrew R. Etzler, Fayette, MO

Steve Dow

Dot Meyer

Rev. Donald Jordan, Chico, California

Jon Meyer

Pastor Ted L. Crandall, LCDR, CHC, U.S. Navy

Pastor Walter P. Snyder, Emma, Missouri

Dwaine Doremus

M. Richard Rump, Plano, Texas

Richard and Anita Lawrenz

Rev. Peter E. Mills, Akron, Ohio

Rev. Thomas Chryst, Racine, WI

Pastor Michael L. McCoy

Rev. James T. Kres, Sr., Carmi, IL

Pastor Dwight D. Hellmers, Golden, CO

Edwin Hinnefeld

Glen Piper

Rev. Martin E. Kiesel,  Waterbury, CT

Rev. Benjamin Ball, Brookfield, IL

Mike Lang

William A. Myers, Fayetteville, AR

Walter R. Wagner, Simpsonville, SC

Mr Leroy B. Sundbom

Matt Makela

Helen M. Kraus

Rev. James Roemke, Middleville Michigan

Larry Lee, Naperville, IL

Timothy Schenks, Poplar Bluff, MO

Jeff Benham, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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