Wohlrabe Responds to “Jesus First”

I had heard that Rev. James Rogers issued a delegate letter through
Jesus First calling the signers of “That They May Be One” schismatic.
I did not know that he also said that I signed and agreed with the
“Keller Resolution.” I did sign the document entitled “That They May
Be One”
(TTMBO). I did not sign the “Keller Resolution.”

Like many statements of concern that have been issued by both
conservatives/confessionals and those seeking to change the Synod’s
confessional position (e.g., “A Statement of the 44” or the Concordia
Seminary, St. Louis Faculty Majority’s “Faithful to Our Calling”),
TTMBO was not a new confessional statement, it was never intended to
be, nor was it schismatic in any way. It expressed concern to others
in the Synod over what many believe was a violation of Holy Scripture
and our Lutheran Confessions by Presidents Kieschnick and Benke. When
President Kieschnick issued a memorandum in 2003 asking District
Presidents to discipline the signers of TTMBO, I wrote [an] article,
which was then placed on the Consensus web site. [link]

I believe it has also been subsequently printed elsewhere. This article
identifies that which has been considered schismatic during the
Synod’s history and hopefully shows TTMBO is not schismatic.

I find it somewhat troubling, but not totally surprising or
unexpected, that such false information is being disseminated prior
to the convention. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and
allowing me the opportunity to respond. You are certainly welcome to
share this response with anyone you wish. Also, thank you for your
kind words.

May God bless you and guide you in your deliberations this coming week.

Sincerely in Christ,
Chaplain John Wohlrabe

John C. Wohlrabe, Jr.
Force Chaplain
FIRST Naval Construction Division
Naval Construction Forces Command


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