Wohlrabe Tape and DVD

Rev. Andrew Simcak, Jr. of Houston, Texas writes:

Some interest had been expressed in obtaining a tape of Dr. John
C. Wohlrabe’s presentation at the Texas Confessional Lutherans
meeting held at Memorial Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas on June 3.
As you know, Dr. Wohlrabe has been nominated to serve as the
President of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

The tape contains the Opening Presentation by Dr. Wohlrabe as well
as the Question and Answer session which followed. This meeting was
also placed on a DVD, which will be sent to every delegate to the
synodical convention in Houston on July 14-19.

If you wish to receive a copy of the tape, please phone Marvin
Orlowski at 281.447.5568. If he is not at home, please leave your
name and complete mailing address on his recorder. Marvin has
faithfully taped almost all of our annual TCL Free Conferences.

The tape costs $10.

“Right the Ship” will be working on making this DVD available via streaming internet video.


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